martes, 8 de diciembre de 2015


Today we often hear a lot from our parents, teachers, etc.. the typical sentence: "Learn English, which is very important for all" ... well I must say that it's true.
Our society is more modernized day by day, and English is becoming a strong base of this new society, in which the need to know this language to any work, study or other is essential.

Examples of this are the people who want to enter university, because they require a minimum level B2 of the official examinations of Cambridge, having studied six years at the Official School of Languages (although this title is not international) or a test access to college in this area.
Another example is at work, a person with English studies may find a job easier and faster than one that does not have them ... it opens many doors in this area, without knowing a language that helps you to communicate with many people and to take on any problem that you raise, namely the world personally speak fluently without problems of understanding, because as an international language know many people speak it.
In short, knowledge of languages, mainly English, is very important and beneficial for our future.

Ángela Ruiz
Estudiante de bachillerato, Torrelavega


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